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Welcome to Robes for All Occasions!

A Harry Potter Costuming Site

This is the online guide to Harry Potter Costumes from the Harry Potter books and Harry Potter movies. It was started by a group of fans and costumers on the Madam Malkins Yahoo! Group. This page is a reference only. We have no affiliation with JK Rowling, Warner Brothers, or anyone else associated with the Harry Potter books or Harry Potter movies. We do not have contact with the original film actors or costumers. This site is done in homage to the wonderful books and movies put out by JK Rowling and Warner Brothers.

We hope you enjoy this research site and find something useful. If you are looking for a specific Harry Potter costume, try the links to the left. If you would like to contribute check out the Contacts page. If you don't know where to start, try the FAQ. Fan Costumes is our scrapbook of links to Harry Potter costumes made or collected by fans.



Wednesday, August 17:

There is a new community for Harry Potter fans going to Lumos over at LiveJournal. You can find it here, and the official Lumos 2006 community is here.



If you have any news email me with it! Be sure and include a name I can credit you with!


Past News



Wednesday, August 17:

Liz has taken over the props page, and she started by sending me some amazing recipees for the candy page! Go check it out and make your own Harry Potter candies!



Sunday, August 7:

Added a Master List of Vendors page. Also updated POA student robes page with a link to, which I can't believe I haven't had up earlier, because they have amazing product. Added links to the Harry Potter Knitting page and Knitting Patterns page.


Saturday, August 6:

Added a Harry Potter Knitting page and a Harry Potter Knitting Patterns page.


Sunday, July 24:

Well, the summer is finally over, and I have a new house with a new internet connection so I can finally update. Thanks to everyone for their patience during the summer! I have been working as much as I could, but not nearly as much as I wanted to. Here's what got done:

Pages posted April-July 2005:

Modifying Simplicity 5840 into a PS/SS/COS Robe
Make Your Own Tie
SS/PS/COS Quidditch Robes
How Can I Help?
Rit Dying Tips
Guide to Clothing References in the Books




This site was created for fun by people studying the costumes from the Harry Potter movies and books. It is not affiliated with J. K. Rowling, Scholastic, Warner Brothers, Bloomsbury, any of the actors in the Harry Potter films, or any company or persons with their names in the paper. We are not attempting to infringe on copyrights or break laws, but only act as a resource for costumers or costumers-to-be. Original authors maintain their copyright for all photos, artwork and text and are credited. All other original material is copyright 2005 by

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